Random Drug Testing

Schools want the right to be able to test student athletes at random for drugs.

They feel that students shouldn\'t have to prove that they don\'t do drugs or even if they do,

who cares as long as it doesn\'t effect their performance. I think that the school has no

right to random drug testing, it\'s a violation of privacy.

If a student desides to do drugs, that\'s their choice. The school has no business

invading students space and denying them the right to do what they want. I know most

kids smoke weed and drink alcohol because their bored, and honestly theres nothing else

to do. Schools shouldn\'t be given the right to random drug testing because to the students

that don\'t do drugs, it\'s an insult, and the school is targeting them and pretty much saying

that every athlete and every student does drugs, that\'s why they have to test. In a way,

drug testing makes the school look bad, because it makes people think that students do

such an excessive amount of drugs, and this causes the school to drug test.

Now some schools want to be given the right to test everyone at random. In my

opinion, that\'s even worse. If I was called down to urinate in a cup I would feel violated

and be labeled as a drugee. Since I don\'t do drugs, this would embarress me and it kinda

tells all the other students that I\'m being tested because I do drugs. If schools are going to

test students for drugs, I think they should only test the students that show, physically,

that they might be under the influence of drugs. This can be seen if their actions effect

their performance at school. One teacher seeing a student that possibly might be under the

influence shouldn\'t count. It should be noticeable by many teachers. I\'ve seen many of my

friends and peers under the influence and I wouldn\'t have even guessed they were if they

didn\'t tell me. For some students it doesn\'t effect them much and they can be "normal"

and act and talk like everyone else.

Drug testing to me, is a violation of a students right to privacy, thier right to be an

individual, and possibly could be humiliated in front of their friends and peers if they were

accused of using. I totally dissagree one hundred percent on the right to randomized drug