Reation Paper

Well, finally got my book, so now I can write reaction papers….yay!
Anyway, I read the article “Why Don’t You Say What You Mean?” I have to be honest with you, one of the biggest reasons I chose to read this particular article was because it was short. But my, was it interesting.
It was about how people talk in direct and indirect ways, and why they do it. It mentioned that people who are superior in any kind of rank, seem to make commands more indirectly. Subordinates most of the time, interpret these quite well, but they sometimes have to be learned, but only if you are inexperienced with superiors.
When I read this article, I had a picture of my mother in my head constantly. My mom loves to give commands indirectly so that she can benefit. Such as, “Ben, I am having company over here in a little bit.” Me, being the “experienced” son, interpreted this to mean “Hurry up and clean the house before I get really really mad, and then say ‘I told you to clean the house 2 and a half hours ago and you still haven’t done it.’ And then we will get into a big argument on how I never told you that, but I really did, so neener neener neener.”
My mother is “Queen superior of all dominion and command giver out-er of indirect commands.” But I never really understood why until I read this article.