Filippo Brunelleschi- He developed linear perspectives. He designed an

enormous dome of Florence Cathedral which was completed in 1436.

Cupola- Cupola is a small dome in a roof, sometimes made of glass and it

provides natural light.

Cosimo de’ Medici- He ruled Florence by taking over the chief offices of the city.

While Cosimo ruined his enemies, he was a generous patron of the arts.

Lorenzo De’ Medici- Lorenzo De’ Medici was called "The Magnificent" he was an

Italian banker who was leading patron of art and scholarship during the Renaissance

An Italian sculpture named Donatello was known for the "David". David is the

first nude statue of the Renaissance. The life size image of this hero was also the first

statue to be cast in the round.

As you can see the Renaissance had many famous people that are know for

there architectural designs.