In the movie RESURRECTION we once again are facing good and evil. But for now lets go back in time. If we will remember all the fairy tails, then we can see that all of them are based upon principles of good and evil. In CINDERELLA, Cinderella is an object of good and her stepmother is evil, at the end good wins. In BEAUTY AND THE BEAST, Belle is good and Gaston is evil, and once again superior wins. But we always ask one question; why did good win? Well the answer is- the power of love is the one who always wins. In CINDERELLA, Cinderella loves her prince Charming, in BEAUTY AND THE BEAST, Belle loves the Beast, and that bond between them helps them, it gives them the strength that defeats evil powers. The evil never has anyone to count on, to support them, to love them. Love is like water, there is nothing that stands on its way.
Now let’s go into the era of Homo Erectus, when people just established first signs of civilization. Why did people worshiped so many gods? Well because people couldn’t explain simple natural events like thunder or earthquakes, and that’s why they had to sacrifice an animal or like Mayas were sacrificing people. They thought that if they angered their gods, they’d forgive them.
In 1400’s when the question of religion got in the ways, many wars broke down. When Joan of Arc got those messages from God and they led to English defeat by French, English church told people that she was a heretic and witch. At that time people were uneducated, so English church took an advantage of population and burned Joan of Arc. Well maybe here good didn’t win, but that courage of hers gave French people self-confidence and nationalism rose once again. In 1920, nearly 500 years later after her death, the Church retracted its judgment of heresy and declared Joan a saint.
In the movie RESURRECTION, we once more see good fighting evil, but in this story evil is not represented as one person, it’s represented as a group of people. Here Edna’s father is the first character who was a bad character, but about that we found out only from Edna herself. She tells us that when she was really young she got pregnant, and her father called a horse doctor to make an abortion for her. After that she couldn\'t have children, because he damaged some inner parts. But why did he do that? Because he didn\'t like her anymore? Maybe because he was cheap? Who knows...
But in this story the true evil is Cal’s father. But I don’t think that he was evil because he was born like that, or his father or mother were like that. I think that he was, like many others, under the influence of religion and deeply in suspense. When people are living in countryside, they are really uneducated. Like when professors came from an institution to find out about mystical powers, people didn\'t trust them, because they were unsure about those strangers. But what would you feel if some people asked you to go with some people, to some unknown place?
I think that the most common question in our life is religion. Let\'s go back in time again. Why did the English Civil War of 1642 started in the first place? It’s not because of money or land, it’s because of religion. Also why did Spain fought with France at the time of Napoleonic rule? Because Napoleon wanted his brother Joseph to be Spanish king, but Spanish rebelled. They didn’t want any foreigner to rule in Spain; they wanted someone of their own religion. But if we’ll remember English times, when thousands of people were executed because they were Huguenots, not Catholics. When Queen Elizabeth tried to combine two of those religions together, both sides protested. But why?!
Now back to RESURRECTION. I think that the most interesting character in this movie is Cal. I think it is really hard for a normal person to make a right decision, especially when you have your father telling you one thing, and the person who you like telling you opposite. Well on his place I probably would\'ve gone crazy.