Ritchie Valens

Ritchie Valens

The greatest thing to come out of the San Fernando Valley,

Who used to play with his band in the alley.

Straight from Pacoima,

All he wanted to do was entertain ya!

Richard Valenzuela & his flying guitar,

He was America’s 1st Latino Rock Star.

He bought a brand new house for his mother.

To show he loved her like no other.

Went with his older brother, Bob, to Tijuana,

But all that was on his mind was “Oh Donna.”

He sang “Come On, Lets Go”

For his fans to go to his show.

Its hard to explain

Why Ritchie died on a plane

Because he feared them the most,

But to his fans, he is still very close.

Yes, sometimes we do get upset,

But in our hearts, we will never forget.