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Rock on

Dustine and Vanessa Sadler Whanau
6 Maraekakaho Road
Bridge Pa
(06) 879-6980

Thought that we had better write you a letter after all the things that have happened
lately just to let you know that we still care and think about you heaps every day. It
really was sad for us when Gazelle and Deja left and went back to Auckland and back up
north we where really looking forward to yous staying with us and living with us here in

Nessa and me wanted to help yous get back on your feet and start living a better life,
going back to church and things like that. It was choice having them here with us looked
like things were finally looking good for yous, Gazelle started a course and was enjoying
it as far as we knew and Deja was at school with Soul and Shalloe. We hoped that things
would work out that you would like to come and stay with us here in Hastings. Havenít
heard from Gazelle yet since she left about two weeks ago know I think?

Been talking to Mum just about every week and she says that she enjoys getting your
letters and you sound like you have changed, we noticed the same things to when you wrote
to us as well. I hope you got that book of Mormon that we sent to you. It was good to hear
that you had given up smoking or stopped or something like that. Was talking to John
yesterday he asked how you were doing and I said good as far as I knew and that you were
still in Wanganui as far as I knew. He wants to send you some stuff so he said that he
would send it to us and we would get it to you. If you are still in Wanganui send us a
visitors form so that we can come and visit you before you get released, We might come
down the weekend some time before you get released. Do you get released on the 7,8,9 of
March or something like that so we will try to come on the first weekend of March to see
you before you go back up north.

Aaron and them are doing alright was talking to him the other day, they seem to sound like
their enjoying their time over in Aussie now that Aarons is working and getting some
money. John was working but has finished cause he said it takes him three hours to travel
to work and three hours to get back sometimes even longer at nights, so he stays home now
and Jackie goes to work while he stays home and looks after the kids.

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