Romeo and Juliet vs West Side Story

Romeo and Juliet, written 40 decades ago and West Side Story, written over 400 years ago, both have many different themes. Theres fate, law and order, but one of the most common is love. This is often thought to be the major theme between the two. Often overlooked, another theme could also be loves opposite, hate. In each story, the teo "star crossed lovers" started their lives in a very hateful environment. Each of them came from opposing groups, which hated one another, and from this hate comes death in both works. There may have been less of it in Romeo and Juliet, where Romoe was driven to kill Tybalt, but more in West Side Story. When Bernando killed Riff, it was hate which made Tony kill Bernando. It also contributed to when Tony was falsely informed that Maria was dead, for it made him want to go and find her killer. Hate is barely ever seen because it is usually covered by things such as love.


from my own head :)