romeo and juliet

This essay shows the subtle differences that can occur between directors, even when they are basing the movie off of almost the exact same script. Almost no two movies are exactly alike, no matter how hard the directors and actors might try. Minor personality differences and scene changes greatly affect the atmosphere and meaning of the same movie. One example of this is the movie Romeo and Juliet. This movie tells the gripping story of two young lovers who are forbade to see each other because of a viscous feud between the two families. I\'ll be looking at the older 50\'s version of Romeo and Juliet and comparing it to the newer version of Romeo and Juliet.
What stuck out as being most different between the two versions of the movie were how the characters acted. In the classic version, Juliet is a much more timid girl and seems much less "experienced" than in the newer version. I feel that her shyness makes her more desireable. It makes their romance seem much more innocent and more meaningful at the same time. I feel that the new Romeo is much less shy in the newer version. This makes their love seem much more lustful, rather than meaningful. Another actor that seemes to change drastically is Tybalt. In the original version, he seems to be much more in control. Tybalt in the newer version is extremely bitter and much more controlled by his uncle.
There are other subtle differences between the two movies, including the scenes. The original movie is set in a very traditional setting. The party takes place in a castle and everything is very fitting for the time frame. Not very original, but still effective. The new version is a bit more imaginative. It\'s not only more modern, but it\'s an amplified version of our world today; something that appeals to the viewing public. There are guns, security guards, cars, a pool, and a modern ballroom with a working elevator. These differences in the settings all have an effect on the overall movie. Other things that change the mood are the drugs, the wild party, and the drag queen. All things that add a lot of character to a movie.
I feel that the use of modern clothing and what each garment represents for each character is completely unique in the newer version. In the classic version, everyone dresses according to what people would really be wearing in the their time. The newer version is much more unique. For instance, Juliet is dressed and an angel and Romeo is dressed as a knight. Obviously, Romeo is supposed to behave like a knight and have chivalry. Juliet is supposed to be this beautiful angel sent down from the heavens just for Romeo. The very best costume is the one that Tybalt wears. His costume of the devil vividly portreys what the viewer can expect from the character. That he is very evil and bitter.
Watching the two movies side by side, one can easily see that the dialogue is almost the exact same. Many people; however, think that if the dialogue is the same, there will be no difference in the underlying meanings of the movie. One can easily understand from the newer version exactly what Romeo and Juliet were feeling, because it relates to us today. This understanding can easily be lost in the more classic version which seems follow all of the details of the original play.