In my research, I found out that censorship goes against our freedom of speech. According to the American Civil Liberties Union, censorship would shut out parents from deciding what television programming is acceptable for their children, and giving that right to bureaucrats and to executives.
In June1996, the Supreme Court rules out a censorship law during the case Alliance for Community Media vs. Federal Communications Commission. Where this Commission attempted to use cable operators as cover in order to censor speech protected by the 1st Amendment. If this Commission would’ve continued with its project it would have enabled the operator to prohibit programming on public, educational, or governmental access cable channels based on content.
Educational programs affected by censorship include breast cancer self-examination, AIDS/HIV prevention, abortion, childbirth, as well as some art because they would involve nudity. Producers that make violent drama movies like “Schindler’s List”, “Gone with the Wind”, or television mini-series about the bloody Civil War would be blocked out because of the violence involved.
Finally, the ACLU believes that censorship would actually takes the parent’s right to decide what their kids should or shouldn’t watch. Also, that Government shouldn’t decide or deprive other citizens on what they could watch.