should juveniles be tried as adults

Should juveniles be tried as adults?

For many years, juvenile criminals have been accorded special treatment in the courts. In

recent years, however, the public has become dissatisfied with that system. Many people are

insisting that juveniles who have committed criminal acts, be treated as criminals in spite of

their age.

I do not think it is a good idea to lock juveniles up in prisons with adults. For a child to set down and plan a murder for instance, there would have to be some kind of deep emotional problem. On the other side of this, if the child knows right from wrong and he can sit down and plan a murder, then you could say if he is old enough to kill someone then he is old enough to die. The juvenile criminal is rooted much deeper than right from wrong. It starts back from when they are small children. Most of them are usually outsiders or outcasts. Who can you hold fault for that other than society? If juveniles don’t fit in with the popular kids in school they are considered an outcast. Even the teachers hold some responsibility to this. It is the popular kids that get to do everything and the quiet ones are left out and unnoticed.
Parents are to be blamed to some extent too. They do not take the time to notice that their children are being teased and left out of everything because their kids do not tell them and they do not ask. Their parents are completely unaware that their own kids are hurting so bad inside that they are in their bedrooms planning murders and making bombs.
Kids that are making fun of other kids, the parents are often unaware or ignore the fact that a juvenile can cause harm to another juvenile just by words alone. Society needs to stop thinking that some children are better than other children just because they are popular. They all need attention. It is not only children who are made fun of who commit terrible crimes, it is also kids who have everything and feel the need for attention. They feel the need to do something drastic in order to grab their parent’s attention. Many of the kids who planned school massacres come from middle income families. In my opinion, there is more than just the child who does wrong. It is society ,parents, and schools.
William Hurst, a researcher for the National Center for Juvenile Justice, says, “Now prosecutors decide entirely based on the crime. They do not take the time to investigate the social history of the child. They just ask, “ what did this kid do?” Many of them are driven by political considerations and want to run for offices based on getting tough on crime. They know they are just damning kids, but want to appear tough. They send thirteen and fourteen year olds away for punishment. If you really want to create a monster then see what happens to a child who is locked up in prison for years.”(Juvenile crime).
“It has become politically expedient to call for the imprisonment of children alongside adults. But this is no way to reduce crime,”says Ira Glassner, the executive director for the ACLU. “After the horrors these kids experience in prison, they are likely to commit far more serious crimes upon release than they did before they went in.” ( They need to put these kids in some kind of crime prevention program than a correctional facility. Studies have been shown to reduce crime substantially when compared to imprisonment after crimes have been committed.
There are questions raised. Are kids easier to rehabilitate than adults, or is a violent

child on the inescapable road toward becoming an even more violent adult? What age should a murderer pay the ultimate price for his crime and in society’s mind will allow a child be executed? According to the American Bar Association on a number of surveys, the public doesn’t take as hard a stand against even serious juvenile offenders as the media would have us believe. Within 24 hours of a violent crime, newspapers and magazines devote themselves to coverage of every fact, opinion, and theory. This news coverage