social darwinism

Social Darwinism

Social Darwinism was a late nineteenth-century sociological theory that was based on the theories of biological evolution and natural selection put forth by biologists Charles Darwin and Alfred Russel Wallace and on social philosopher Herbert Spencer\'s theory of sociocultural evolution, "survival of the fittest". Social Darwinists argued that societies--like organisms--evolved by a natural process through which the fit members survived or were most successful.
The theory went hand-in-hand with political conservatism; the most successful social classes were supposedly composed of people who were biologically superior. Social Darwinism was also used to support imperialism--peoples who viewed themselves as culturally superior, being allegedly more fit to rule those that they deemed less advanced. In the United States the foremost publicist of the theory was William Graham Sumner.
I think that the government should assist that child born to the single mother on welfare. The government plays a very important role in this; after all they are taxing us and spending most of that money on unnecessary stuff that they claim is necessary. Texans in general cover their own back\'s leaving the needy to fend for themselves. Texas politicians tell the Texan people what they want to hear and when it comes down to actually walking the walk they turn the other cheek.
I understand that it is not there child but they should help. Those kids that are born like that tend to be tomorrow\'s criminals. And then that family from Alamo Heights is complaining about crime and when they had the opportunity to help they didn\'t. The high society in Texas don\'t usually care for those in the mid to lower society.
As for myself I pay taxes so in a way I\'m helping that mother and child. If I had the financial ability I would gladly help because I know how hard it is. I come from a family that was in the same situation. Where I used to live the government and the higher society tried to get involved with the less fortunate as much as they could. They truly cared for those in the lower brackets of society. The level of Social Darwinism in Texas is relatively high compared to other states.