Social side of alcohol

Social Side of Alcohol
Alcohol is one of the top subjects of the world that people tend to discuss. It is sometimes known as the base of social life or the destroying of it. When people look at drinking in a social way they tend to think of drinking when you are out with friends or to meet new people. Destroying social life with drinking is usually referring to putting drinking before anything else. Alcohol drinking has benefits and consequences described by many researchers.In the social effects of alcohol there are many motives as understood by S.Peele and M. Grant:
The complexity of the relationship between mood enhancement and social facilitation was explored by Cooper, Russell, Skinner, and Windle (1992). These researchers identified the existence of three distinct motives for drinking: to enhance positive motives, to cope with negative emotions, and to affiliate socially with others. They established that mood enhancement and social motives are interrelated components of a normative pattern of drinking. They also found that people who drink primarily enhance positive affect, yet are less likely to report serious drinking problems. Those who drink for enhancement and social motives are more likely to drink in convivial social settings; those who drink to cope are more likely to drink alone are else with another partner. (Peele, 4-5)
Alcohol is used in different ways for different people. Summarizing this quote it is talking about the positive aspects that drinking could have. It is most commonly used at gatherings where there are a lot of people involved. The best word for this is the common ‘social drinking’. When people ask social drinkers (drinking during a social gathering) do they drink they see it as something you must do in order to be social at some functions. These are the people who drink when they are trying to enhance their social life. When people drink to cope with negative emotions it is generally by themselves because at that point and time they are not trying to be social but primarily trying to get their mind off of something that is internally with themselves and not socially with others.
Alcohol can bring on depression and suicide. Alcohol abuse has a web like relationship with depression and suicide. You drink because you’re depressed; alcohol, being a depressant, brings you down even more, creating a feeling of hopelessness.(Dep. And Suic.). People around America who drink alcohol finds it as a feeling of relief to help the problems that they are having thus making more social problems as described by the author of Depression and Suicide. The way it works is summarized by the author of this page. The brain that has mood and judgement sensors are bothered by the effects of alcohol. Suicide is brought up because of depression. The cycle of the more you drink the more depressed which makes you drink even more.