Space Funding

Three, two, one, blastoff! A crew of six astronauts has just been launched into space. The year is 2025. Scientists have been studying the planet Mars and they have reason to believe that there may be elements that we have not yet discovered on our planet. New elements could change our whole life. Perhaps there is an element that can cure cancer or a uncurable disease. We will never discovered new things in this universe if we don\'t look for them. The only way that we can attemp to advance our knowledge of the other places in the universe is if our country keeps putting a substantial amount of funding into the space program. I feel this way because the more we learn about space in general, the more technological advancements we will acquire in the years to come.
There are many things that NASA. has done besides send people to space. There are many inventions that were created for space travel that are also used here on earth. Velcro is a very good example of one of these inventions. The idea of velcro was thought of when a man was walking through the woods and he noticed the small balls on his dog. The balls had several small hooks on them. The idea was never put to use until it reached NASA. NASA took the idea created suits that could be taken off easily. If NASA would have never created velcro we probably wouldn\'t have it today.