supreme court

Supreme Court Rulings

1. Minersville v. Gobito

Case: Jehovah’s witness’s who were students refused to salute the flag and were expelled.
Ruling: The Supreme Court ruled in favor of the school to expel the students for not saluting the flag.

2. West Village State Board of Education v. Barnette
June 14, 1943

Case: It violated the free speech rights of Jehovah’s witness children who were expelled for not saluting the flag.
Ruling: The Supreme Court ruled that they did not have to salute the flag because it falls under freedom of religion.

3. Everson v. Board of Education
Case: Tax payers complained about being transported in public school buses to private christian schools.

Ruling: Supreme Court ruled it was alright but public schools and private schools have to be kept separate.

4. McCollum v. Board of Education
March 8, 1948

Case: Mrs. McCollum was an atheist, and a mother of a student, who com-plained that the school program violated the separation of church and state, specifically the establishment of the first amendment.
Ruling: The Supreme Court ruled to disallow the practice of allowing religious education to take place in public school classrooms during the school day.

5. Brown v. Board of Education

Case: This case is about segregation in public schools.
Ruling: The Supreme Court ruled that it was unconstitutional and violated the 14th amendment to separate children in public schools for no other reason than their race.

6. Abinagton v. Schoupp
February 1963

Case: It tried to overturn the 1949 Pennsylvania State law providing mandatory bible reading in public schools.
Ruling: The Supreme Court ruled to overturn the law.
7. Tinker v. Des Moines Public School District
November 12, 1968

Case: It’s a case about how one school wasn’t giving free speech by banning armbands.
Rulings: The Supreme Court ruled that schools would need to show evidence of the possibility of disruption before students free speech at school could be limited.

8. Island School District v. Pico
June 25, 1982

Case: Parents and teachers said certain books should be removed from school libraries because they were “anti-American, anti-Christian, and anti-Semantic”.
Ruling: The Supreme Court ruled you couldn’t remove books from the library.
9. Bethel School District v. Frasier
April 26, 1983

Case: It was about a speaker, who during his speech used elaborate and explicit sexual behavior.
Ruling: The Supreme Court ruled that the respondents conduct was clearly not appropriate for high school, and administrators had the right and duty to punish the respondent for his actions.

10. New Jersey v. T. L. O.
January 15, 1985

Case: A 14-year-old freshman was found smoking cigarettes in a school bathroom breaking a school rule. She was taken to the principal’s office where she met with the assistant vice principal. When there she denied smoking cigarettes at all. The assistant vice principal then demanded her purse and found a pack of cigarettes on top, rolling papers which are associated with marihuana, a smoking pipe, a plastic bag, marihuana, a substantial amount of money, an index card with students names who owed her money, and two letters implicating her in drug dealing.
Ruling: The Supreme Court ruled that teachers and school authorities do not have to have a warrant before searching.
11. Hazelwood School District v. Kuhlmeier
January 13, 1988

Case: Three former Hazelwood East students who were staff members of the school newspaper, “Spectrum”, said school officials violated their first amendment rights by deleting two pages or articles from the May 13, 1983 issue of “Spectrum”.
Ruling: The Supreme Court ruled that the school had the right to censor the stories that contain teen pregnancy and the effects of divorce on children.

12.Westside Community Schools v. Mergens
June 4, 1990

Case: A student, Mergens, wanted to start a christian club but the school turned it down.
Ruling: The Supreme Court ruled that he could start his club as long as it did not affect school curriculum, or take up class time etc…