Systems Development Lifecycle



Problem Statement

XYZ Ceramic Supply is a growing company in the arts and craft supply industry, which consist of three stores located in Northern California. XYZ Ceramic Supply is a small company with a limited budget, and is growing fast, they are eager to rectify their existing problems through the use of automation.

Problem with Existing System
· Currently all reports, purchases, accounts receivable, accounts payable and payroll functions are done manually, leaving a large margin for error.
· Problem track incoming parts.
· Accounts receivable and accounts payable department are having a very difficult time keeping accurate records manually and expeditiously.
· Due to existing system, the company has no idea what it’s existing inventory is composed of at each of its three locations.

System Feasibility
· Technical feasibility – Installing a network system in all locations make tracking inventory possible.
· Operational feasibility – Project can be placed into operation since operation will be able to use it.
· Schedule feasibility – Other companies using similar network have thrived.
· Economic feasibility – In long run will lower costs.

A test database will be designed, which will include menus and screens. A demonstration and sample data will be provided to the XYZ Ceramic Supply staff, in order to ensure that all specifications have been met. After management and staff have closely analyzed and reviewed the demonstration and sample data, a signature of approval will be required by the company’s designated representative. This phase will be frozen once the signature has been authorized and any changes after this stage can result in a substantial increase in the firm fixed price and may change the schedule of completion date.
The new system will do the following:
· Determine location of all parts for all three stores.
· Maintain all payroll functions.
· Maintain all Accounts Payable Data.
· Maintain all Accounts Receivable Data.
· Maintain a list of all manufactures by name, part classification and part number.
· Keep a current status of purchase orders.
· Keep a current status of all inventories by part number.

Logical And Physical Design
The following will be installed at all three locations:
Hardware to support network:
NEC 9624 Pentium Plus as its client server
o 400 MHz processor
o 32 MB of RAM expandable to 128
o 19’ Multi-sync XV15+ monitor
o 8.0 gigabyte hard drive
o NEC standard keyboard
o Hewlett Packard Desk jet 820Cse printer
o 12V Multi-spin CD-ROM reader
o 56.6/14.4 KBPS Voice/Data/Fax modem (BOCA)
o MPEG Full motion digital video
o 512 Pipeline burst
o 2 ISA, 2PCI 1PCI/ISA Expansion slots
o 1024 X 768: 256 Standard, 64K Standard, 16.8M WITH 2MB
o NEC Window 2000 104-Key Enhanced Keyboard with Function keys
o Hewlett Packard Desk Jet 820Cse Professional Series
Software required for network:
o Microsoft Windows 2000
o Access Database Management (for building the customized database)
o Microsoft Netscape Navigator (Internet software)
Estimated Cost:
$9,565.00 (x 3) = $28,695.00
Technical Support:
1 yr: $2,500.00 (or)
2 yr: $3,500.00


Acceptance Plan Test (APT)
The APT will require a signature from the company’s designated representative, which will approve all the above phases (Definition, Analysis, Design). Once all modules have been completed for integration and testing, there will be a final system review. If all phases are accepted, a signature from the company’s designated representative will be required for approval.

After reading and analyzing the project information sheet, ABC Software Solution recommends the following Using the Access Database Management System to build the database (see Overview), all three stores will be linked via the Internet. The database will be backup ever fifteen minutes. Each store will have a dedicated T1 telephone line connected to the client/server. The software Access Database Management package will be used to allow for real time processing, which will automatically update the database. All payroll functions, will be done at the headquarters store in Manchester include processing reports. Account payable and account receivable transactions will be prepared at the headquarters. Each store will have its own personal computer, which will serve as a client/server and workstation, along with two hand held scanners connected to the personal computer and the workstation. The hand held scanners will be used to scan in inventory at each store, and all purchase and return transaction will be scanned into the computer. Setting up and using a web page via the Internet, so that prospective customers can place orders 24 hours a day, 7 days a week is also recommended. The World Wide Web (WWW) will also allow XYZ Ceramic Supply to have the capability to contact its supplier via the Internet to place orders.

The programming modules will be designed as follows: