Taming of the Shrew2

Taming of the Shrew
Kate is an excellent example of a well-rounded dynamic character. In the beginning a the play, she portrays the role of a selfish, jealous women. Though Kate didn’t want to marry Petrucio, you could tell that she was hurt and embarrassed. After they were married there were times that Kate was very meek and humble to Petrucio. When they returned home for Bianca’s wedding, she came across as a loyal and loving wife. I’m not sure when Kate fell in love with Petrucio or if she was pretending.
Baptista can be a stereotypical character is the play. All the way through the play he is a rich man who loves his daughters and wants them both to find a husband.
The phrase Taming of the shrew is an element of symbolism. In this play Shakespeare is saying that Petrucio will take a mean Katherine and turn her into his sweet Kate.
Shakespeare gives the imagery of a shrew to be a wild creature