Teenage Experience

Teenage experiences can prove to be memorable. Both good and bad

experiences can have lasting effects. Learning to adjust and accept these

experiences generally help people grow.

I was fifteen years old and ready to go on vacation with my brother and

sister. It was a beautiful sunny and warm summer day. We took an Amtrak train

to Baltimore, Maryland early one summer morning. While pulling into Baltimore,

we noticed that the platform was much different from ours in New York. There

were people there, but very few and dressed with plaid shirts, long shorts and

cowboy hats. Our cousins were there with vibrant smiles and an array of

presents. Our mom joined us about a week later with some news. She told us

that we were moving to Maryland. My brother, sister and I didn’t say a word,

and our smiles turned into frowns. Mom with her sweet and soothing voice,

assured us that we would be happy there and that everything would be okay.

She told us that she would make sure that we would still see our friends in New

York, by visiting them a least every other month. We learned how to adjust to

Baltimore and had a lot of support from our family. We lived in a large old

fashioned house and made a lot of new friends. This made our move a little


Moving may be a change that is hard for teens to adjust to. We all

have to overcome many obstacles in our life, and being a teenager can be an

obstacle in itself. Part of life is learning to adjust to new experiences that will be

with us always.