Teens, we make a difference!

If teenagers weren’t helping out in this society would you think it would make much of an impact or difference on society? What if I told you that teenagers all over the world make huge differences for our communities. What if I told you teens take matters in their own hands when someone is in need for help. Teens are very important in every way in this evolving society, because we tend to make our voices heard throughout the crowd of dominating adults. Many of us will go through tremendous efforts to try and help out our peers or have an unique talent to try and fix problems or situations. We try to understand and resolve our friends never-ending list of problems. Our greatest achievements would be the impact upon the community or world and how we manage to accomplish our goals who are then extended to the world.

It is our small gestures that might create big differences upon someone’s feelings and make that person more accommodated in school. In the short story of “A Simple Hello”, Katie Houston notices that there are some kids at her school that don’t quite fit in, who are alone and have hardly any friends. She decides to give her time to just say a simple hello to those lonely kids to help them feel more appreciated as she remembers when one day a person said hello to her which changed her life forever. ¹ In the short story of Sandy Pathe in “An Open Heart”, describes her trip to Honduras which is a small country in Central America where her and eighteen of her peers tried their best to accompany lonely children in an orphanage and experience the way of life they live and learn the differences from our life in North America. Sandy and her peers where committed to make a difference in their young lives. ² Most people would not even recognize how the little things we do can make a huge difference and impact on someone’s life. It is important to always try to make someone’s life a better life.

We tend to naturally try and give the best possible help to our friends and parents. Most of all we try to understand other peoples situations by trying to find the best possible solutions. We also try and think beyond economics and care for our future environment by trying to reduce pollution in every way possible. We don’t have a choice as it will become our problem if we don’t examine our current situation or it will be the next generations problems if we don’t start now. When a train wreck occurs the only possible solution is to clean it up so we can reuse the tracks and, get the train traffic moving again it is the same with pollution there is a limit to what the world can absorb. The only difference is when that train is down and in the way we immediately take action to remove it from ours paths, as for pollution we tend not to worry about it and, not see the unpleasant long term effects that will be upon us in the future. As in the short story “Young People” when a teen named David Grassby proposed that we refill oil containers at local stores instead of throwing it away each time it becomes empty. If everyone refilled each container at local stores it would not end up in land fields and contaminate our water and resources from the oil residue still left in, from the thousands of empty car oil containers. ³ Most teens if given a chance to help others will jump at the opportunity by giving a hand or there time. In the short story of “Teenagers Today” when almost an entire student class volunteered there time and effort to organize a found raiser to help built a memorabilia to honour of their friend, C.T. Schmitz who died of cancer at the age of fifteen. 4 Most of us don’t realize how the community might appreciate this action and how it is important to preserve the environment and start cleaning it out by recycling and reusing our materials. Teens might be the only