The cat who robbed a bank

The residents of Pickax are delighted that the old bombed-out Pickax Hotel is reopening with a whole new look. With new furnishings, a new chef, and even a new name, what could be more thrilling? Everyone is thrown into a topspin when one of the hotel\'s first guests, a jeweler who has come to town to buy heirloom jewelry from some of Pickax\'s oldest families, winds up a victim of murder. Who could have committed such a horrible crime? Could it be the hotel clerk, a recent winner of a gold medal for the caber toss at the Highland Games?

Qwilleran and his snooping Siamese are willing to go to any lengths to find the killer and set the town at ease. But first they\'ll have to contend with a hijacked bookmobile, an attemped bank robbery . . . and a few of the cats\' preoccupations. Koko has a newfound fondness for pennies, and Koko and Yum Yum both are obsessed with chewing on gum wrappers--but for entirely different reasons, of course. Sit back, relax, and unwind with another fabulous feline mystery by Lilian Jackson Braun!


Media Reviews:
.... Braun knows how to make readers feel good, preferring to shun blood and gore in favor of describing a delicious meal. And while her plots may not be complex, Braun is hardly a lightweight writer. Her descriptive powers are excellent, and she is one of the very few mystery writers to master the art of characterizing cats without relying solely on corny, cutesy feline antics. Likewise, her human protagonist, the gentlemanly Jim Qwilleran, is so well drawn and utterly endearing that women from 25 to 105 are in love with the stubborn Scot.