The childhood of Adolf Hitler The Nativity of Evil

The childhood of Adolf Hitler:
The nativity of evil

Intro: An idea such as killing millions of people to create a more
prefect world or sameness throughout the human race is absolutely
psychotic and unrealistic. This vision was a fantasy world that no one
on the earth would ever live in. Yet there was one man that truly
believed in this fantasy. He had a plan, a scheme, sketched out in his
head, of how this world would work. Yet the strange thing was that he
did not fit in his own perfect world. Many
ask how would someone come across this image? How is it possible? This
image was created with constant negative influences throughout his life.
It began when he was a small boy, since before he acknowledged this
visualization. He had this idea, though he had no idea of exactly how it
formed. His absurd fantasy was formed from his absurd childhood.
Alois Hitler was a firm and often-obstinate man. He had a strong
beliefs and opinions. Alois was born in 1837 carrying his Mother\'s name,
Schicklgruber. Later in his life, after accomplishments in the civil
service, his haughty uncle wanted him to go by his name, which was
Heidler("Hitler" The World Book Encyclopedia 255). When time came for
record books, it was spelled as "Hitler", the name that would soon haunt
the earth. Alois married his third wife at 52, having fathered three
children, soon to be four. One of which, would disgrace and belittle the
human race, his name was Adolf Hitler.
Adolf\'s mother, Klara Polzl was born in 1860 and married Alois in
1885 ("Hitler" The World Book Encyclopedia 255). Klara was a tender
mother that often showed much affection for her little "Adi". Many
believe she cared for Adolf this way because she was in fear of losing
her only living child, for she had had a miscarriage before ("The Rise
of Hitler" Online). Adolf\'s stepbrother and stepsister (Edmund & Paula)
soon found a stirring hate for their stepbrother.
On May 6, 1895 Adolf enrolled in a public school in Fischlham
Austria ("Hitler" The World Book Encyclopedia 255). His father soon
retired on a pension from the Austrian civil service ("The life of
Adolf" Online). Adolf\'s life became more and more hectic and strict.
With his father, a trained military man home more often, chores and
rules developed. Alois began to spend his life ordering his children and
wife around the house like a military base (Hitler np). All the
children, especially Adolf, soon dreaded that house.
The family stayed on a small farm outside of Linz, Austria ("Hitler"
The World Book Encyclopedia 255). On the farm there was always plenty
of chores to do, which Alois strongly enforced. Klara was distracted
with the other children, and soon began to ignore Adolf. Alois soon
became discontent and annoyed with the constant noise and chaos of the
house. He treated his family like military men, hard and unforgiving
("The Rise of Hitler" Online). Alois jr., Adolf\'s older half brother,
was beaten and tormented on a regular basis by Alois. At fourteen, Alois
jr. ran away from home never to see any of his family members again. In
the house, Adolf was now the eldest boy, which meant he now was forced
to take the responsibility for all the things Alois jr. once had. The
first of many negative influences that would later impact Adolf\'s life
had already begun.
The family soon enough, moved from the home that had caused them so
many problems, to a town just off of Lambach, Austria. In this small
town, there was a Catholic Benedictine monastery that was covered with
swastikas. Adolf mentioned this place from many memories of his
childhood. Adolf went to school there and often saw them. They were put
there in the eighteen hundreds by a ruling Abbot as a pun or play on
words because "swastika" sounded like his name ("The Rise of Adolf
Hitler" Online). School had begun to take play in the mold of Adolf\'s
On his pass time (besides work in school), he worked at his house
(by wishes of his father), was in the boys choir and basically
worshipped and idolized the priests at the monastery, hoping to become
one ("The rise of Adolf Hitler" Online). He was known to start and lead
the schoolyard fights, smoke, argue with his teachers… Basically
causing schoolboy mischief Hitler np). His siblings and schoolmates
began to dislike Adolf, for he was a controlling and overpowering
The family moved, once again,