The Crucible3

In the Play The Crucible nothing was the way it seemed. Ironically the characters who were known as Puritans, religiously good people, do not fit that description. Many Puritans were out for revenge on enemies, abused their power and committed perjury. The Crucible was upsetting and Goody Putnam acted crazy by thinking some supernatural power killed her babies. The fact that the judges believed her accusation is even worse. It seemed easy to prove an innocent person guilty throughout that period of time.
During the witch trials in Salem, Goody Putnam used revenge to victimize Rebecca Nurse. Goody Putnam’s seven babies died while Rebecca Nurse’s babies grew healthy. Thus the jealousy began and in addition revenge would start. Goody Putnam blamed Rebecca Nurse for killing her babies while she helped with the delivery. When in fact, the babies death had nothing to do with Rebecca Nurse. The Putnam’s were out for revenge because of other issues besides the babies death. In the past, the families argued about land, and money and were jealous of one another. That’s a motive for revenge.
Among all the bad situations throughout the story, Parris committed the worst. He took advantage of his power as a minister and used lies to cover up his niece’s mistakes. He didn’t tell the truth in court about the girls dancing naked in the woods. He also didn’t tell the court what he saw, because he didn’t want them to think less of him and didn’t want to lose his authority. The town had believed him because he was with God.
Throughout the play, characters in The Crucible committed numerous crimes. Abigail William’s committed perjury by lying in court. She lied and sent many to hang and die. The convicted had no way to defend themselves. She lied about being with John Proctor and made up lies about spirits attacking her such as Mrs. Proctor and the poppet. She brainwashed the girls to think as she did. She framed many people out of jealousy, and committed a crime that’s inexcusable.
Netherless, the events that happened in Salem are behind us, and we now take notice of what went wrong. Its easy to show the character were out plotting revenge opon each other and were not just looking for witches. They took revenge, abused their power and lied under oath. In the beginning they cheered and clapped, and in the end they realized the truth. They noticed what was really happening, but it was too late.