The crucible

1. The Crucible “The Play in Four Acts”
2. Arthur Miller
3. Viking Penguin, October 1976
4. No Edition
5. Rev. Samuel Parris- A Reverend
Rev. John Hale- a specialist in witch hunting.
John Proctor- A farmer who had an affair with Abigail. But he
denies it.
Abigal- Has a crush on John Proctor which turns into the Salem
which trials. She is Rev Samuel Parris’ niece. Also the leader of the group
of girls.
Judge Danforth- also a Deputy Governor. judge
6. 1. It begins with a group of young women caught in a spell to
attract lovers.
2. A Salem meeting takes place in court. They are trying to find out
about the witch craft going on.
3. a group of girls accuse an increasing number of innocent
townspeople of cavorting with Satan.


8. Set in 1692 in Salem, Massachusetts.
9. A witch hunt which eventually leads to the complaint and trial of
scores of townspeople. Eventually nineteen die.
10. nope
11. The irony of a man who gives up his name in an attempt to save
his friends, and then later gives up his life in order to save his name. It is all

12. I sorta liked the story, but Im not really into the witchcraft stuff. I
would only recommend this story to people that like witchcraft.