The Endless debate

The Endless Debate
Evolution is a theory to explain facts. Creationism is a myth to explain facts. Evolution is proven through facts; creationism is a story about facts. There is a constant debate going on with science versus religion, but the interesting point to realize it that science creates the facts, and all the creationists (the religious) can do it argue evolutionists theories. So what can be inferred is that evolutionists provide the evidence, and the creationists try and prove the evolutionists wrong. Mind you, any group, not just particularly the creationists, can easily fill this job. Notice, in the study of fossils there is a similarity in the make-up of animals, if the ‘wise creator’ (God) created all animals, why would he make a half dozen types of human species? Many of the debates between creationists and evolutionists include the argument about the creation of earth; but one side is more logical when evaluating the facts.
God created man is what the Creationists believe. But what is proven true through fact is that there were five or six types of ‘man’ created. Why would God create 5 or 6 of the similar species, but only write about one of them? When comparing the facts of the similar bone structures of mammal like reptiles and mammals, the interpreting is left up to the reader. The facts are:
“The lower jaw of reptiles contain several bones, that of mammals only one…paleontologists have discovered to transitional lineages or therapsids (the so-called mammal-like reptiles) with a double jaw joint…what better transitional form could we desire than the oldest human…if God made each of the half dozen human species…why did he create in an unbroken temporal sequence of progressively modern features…did he create to mimic evolution and test our faith thereby?” (Gould 162).
These facts cannot be disproved; they are facts, not a theory! The creationists can try to find an error in these findings, but only a theory can be prove wrong, and it is directly obvious that these species posses the extremely similar fossil make-ups.
One of the most widely accepted theories of how the universe began is the Big Bang Theory. This theory states that a giant explosion created our universe. There are three points that strictly support the theory.
1. As far as we can tell, the universe is still expanding today.
2. The existence of heat radiation that is the suspected "afterglow" of the Big Bang.
3. The abundance of chemicals that correctly account for the hot dense stage that followed the Big Bang. (
Creationists on the other hand believe the creation of earth can be found in the Bible in the book of Genesis. In this account, God created the Universe, including the Earth and all the creatures in it, in seven days. Most Creationists believe this means seven twenty-four hour days. By looking at the options, because of course no one was around back then to know what really happened, there is a lot more evidence that points to the evolutionists theory of the big bang. What evidence, besides the bible can the creationists present. They have tried to make a scientific discovery, by trying to prove how old the earth is. But the glitch in their method is they are trying to predict the levels of chemicals that would have been present back in beginning of creation or would have to be present now a days, and this is an impossible method to prove. How could you prove what was in the air, thousands of years ago? They can only predict, as well as evolutionists can, but there is more evidence on the evolutionist’s side.
Most importantly, scientific creationists do not have a testable, scientific theory to replace evolution with. Even if evolution turned out to be wrong, it would simply be replaced by another scientific theory. So no matter how hard the creationists try to prove the evolutionists wrong, there will always be a scientific theory to hold a debate with the creationists.