The Impossibility of Evolution

Creation vs. Evolution
While the theory of evolution is very commonly accepted amongst most scholars and intellectuals, when the scientific facts used to \'support\' it are closely examined, it becomes apparent that it is merely that: a theory. Inaccurate information, misguided philosophers, and in some cases, just plain ignorance, have all contributed to this \'scientific religion\' that does nothing but lead people away from the true nature of our existence, the Genesis creation. The creation \'story\' is much more than just a story, it is a scientifically provable fact, and one that should be treated as more than just a parable or story, as the Word of God is pure and the absolute truth.
One of the first major pillars of the evolution theory that falls away under close scrutiny is the concept of an \'old earth.\' Because the evolutionary process needs millions and millions of years in order to take place, evolutionists declare that the earth must have existed for 4 to 5 billion years. However, with all things considered, this theory is simply impossible. Three astronomic facts disprove it almost immediately: the recession rate of the moon, the dissipation of the earth\'s magnetic field, and earth\'s rotation rate.
The moon is very slowly drifting away from the earth. Currently, it is at a distance of approximately 239,000 miles away from the planet\'s surface and receding at a miniscule, but steady rate. However, "if one multiplies this recession speed by the presumed evolutionary age, the moon would be much farther away from the earth than it is, even if it had started from the earth. It could not have been receding for anything like the age demanded by the doctrine of evolution." (Barnes) Furthermore, even if the moon had started much closer to the earth, not only would the tides it created have drowned everything on the planet twice daily, but the effect it would have had upon the earth\'s rotation rate at such a close distance would have cause the earth to be a different shape, slightly elliptical, rather than spherical, as it is now. (Slichter)
Second, the earth has a magnetic field surrounding it, which is weakening at a rate of 5% of its present total every hundred years. At the present time, the earth\'s magnetic field is only one third as strong as it was when Jesus walked the earth. With the deterioration of that field being so relatively rapid, if the earth were actually 4 billion years old, such a field would no longer exist, and so much harmful radiation would have hit the surface that life as we know it could not exist. (Hovind)
Finally, the rotation of the earth is slowing down at a rate of one thousandth of a second per day. While that doesn\'t seem like much, only one second per millennia, in one billion years, it adds up to one million seconds, or 227 hours. At that rate of rotation, the centrifugal force on the earth would have torn it apart. (Hovind)
Another scientific method that evolutionists use to back up their theory is the use of carbon dating to determine the age of ancient fossils. Using this method, scientists place an age of millions of years on dinosaur bones and the like. However, this method, while very accurate, to a point, would have been thrown off completely be the worldwide flood that took place in the book of Genesis. The flood would have uprooted and buried pre-flood forests, cutting off a huge amount of Carbon 12 from cycling between living things and the atmosphere, and causing the ratio of Carbon 14, which is formed in the upper atmosphere, to slowly increase. If such an increase in Carbon 14 went unaccounted for, radiocarbon ages of things living then would appear to us to be much older than they actually are. (Brown)
The evolutionists idea of biological evolution are just as scientifically flawed as their theories of an \'old earth.\' Initiated by Charles Darwin in 1853, the idea that all life evolved from the same microorganisms is physically impossible, as well as contradictory to the Word of God. While evolutionists think all creatures came from the same biological starting point, 1 Corinthians 15:39 clearly states that "All flesh is not the same flesh: but there is one