The Island

Slowly I rowed my canoe toward Hide Away Island, my island. The oars glided gently
over the water making ripples. If you had been standing on the shore looking at the scene,
I’m sure you would have found it very picturesque. The setting sun was reflected by the
water, and over head birds flew. I didn’t take the time to enjoy the beauty though,
because I know with each stroke of the oars, I got closer to my refuge.
The minute my canoe scraped the sandy ground, I let out, and tied it securely to a
branch. Grabbing my pack, I began my trek to my fort. I first built the fort when I was
ten, all by myself, but the fort was really Chad’s idea.
Chad was my big brother. He’s the one who really discovered Hide Away Island,
but he shared it with me. It was our secret, mom, and dad never knew about it. They still
don’t know. Of course, they never did bother much with us, they’re always too busy
arguing with each other.
Vacations here at Lake Everclear were suppose to bring us together, but it seems
like they just make mom, and dad fight more. Chad use to take me to Hide Away Island
so we could get away from them. Now I go alone.
As I approach the fort a sense of relief sweeps over me. I set down my gear, and
begin to settle in for the night.
“Want some help?” a voice said startling me. I looked up, and saw a boy about my
age standing there. “Sorry if I scared you,” he apologized.
“You didn’t, and no, I don’t want help,” I said getting back to my work.
“Yeah, I Gus I didn’t scare you,” he said not going away. “After all, you need to
be really brave to spend the night here, on Beelzebub Island,” he said as I rolled out my
sleeping bag.
“It’s Hide Away Island, not Beelzebub Island,” I corrected.
“No, it’s real name is Beelzebub Island. It’s a pretty interesting story, if you want
to hear it,” he said, and continued without waiting for my answer. “It got it’s name way
before the Revolution, when this vast country was just beginning to be colonized. On this
island there lived a beautiful, young woman, all alone. The ‘holy’ puritan minister lusted
after her, but every time he tried to put the moves on her, she denied him. It was rumor
she did have a lover, but no one knows who. Well, one night, after the minister was
rejected again, he calls an emergency town meeting, and claims that the young woman was
a witch. The poor lady didn’t have a good standing with the towns people before, but
after that she was completely shunned. Then one day they somehow discovered she was
present. When the minister found out, he proclaimed she must have slept with the devil
himself. So, the minister, and all the other good puritans jump into their boats, and row
out to the island at night. They pull the woman from her bed, and led her outside, where
they had made a steak. They tied her up, and set on fire. It is said that she let out an
ungodly scream, and swore she’d have her vengeance, before the flames engulfed her.
Ever since then people come to Beelzebub, I’m sorry, ‘Hide Away’ Island, and they don’t
come back.”
“That’s a pretty good story,” I admitted, “but the last part is complete bull.”
“If you’re going to insult my story, you need to tell me your name,” he insisted.
“I’m Kat, Kat Samsa,” I said.
“Hi Kat, I’m Iran Hawk,” he said introducing himself. “What makes you think the
last part is bull?” he asked.
“I’ve slept here many times before, only to return the next day to my ‘loving’
Noticing my sarcasm he said “So, you have parent issues.”
“I don’t think my family life is any of your business,” I said defensively. “Pulse,
I’ve been here hundreds of times, and I’ve never saw anything that could have once been
her house,” I said getting us back on the topic.
“I bet you’ve never crossed the mountains,” he said referring to the small moutain
range that divided the island into two halves.
“Of course not, there’re too dangerous,” I said.
“On the other side of the mountains is the remains of her house. I’ve seen it,” he
said. “Tomorrow we will set out for it, and