The scarlet letter Compare and Constrast Essay

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The scarlet letter

ChAector Sketches
*Hester Prynne:
In this novel Hester Prynee is represented in several
different ways. Before this story starts she was sent to
Boston by her husband (Roger Chillingworth) who was supposed
to be meeting her there shortly. He never makes it, she
assumes he died at sea. While in Boston she meets Rev.
Dimmesdale she has an affair with him and gets pregnent. He
then starts to ignore her. Months later when everyone finds
out about her illegitimate daughter (Pearl) and that she is
un married. She is looked upon with great sin. When she is
first introduced into the novel she is in the prison. She
emerges wearing an elaborately emroidered scarlet letter
“AR 21; (meaning adultery) on her breast, and carries her 3
month old infant in her arms. She is led onto the scaffold
where she has to stand in fron of the whole town as part of
her punishment. While on the scaffold she has flashbacks of
her old life, this is where we first learn about the real
Hester Prynne. The rest of her punishment is that she has to
wear the scarlet “A” for the rest of her life. The Rev. Mr.
Dimmesdale pleads with Hester to tell the name of the man
she had a sexual affair with, but she will not. After the 3
hours she is lead back to the prison with Pearl. At this
point in the novel we learn that back in England Hester was
married to a man, Roger Chillingworth. This man is now in
Boston and comes to visit Hesters prison cell. Hester and
Dimmesdale discuss who is at fault for her affair. He admits
that he will find the father though. When Hester is released
from prison she has the choice to go anywhere in the world,
but she chooses to stay in Boston where she commited her sin
and where she will have her punishment. She starts sewing
and sells her garments but puritan society never accepts
her. Believes “A” allows her to see sinful and immoral
feelings in other people. Hesters strength is most seen when
she goes to the Governers mansion to plead for her daughter.
In the following years Hester and Dimmesdale start speaking
again. Now you will be able to see her weaker side.She
falls in love with him all over, they plan to leave Boston
and move to Bristol, England and live the rest of their
lives there. But they never make it, When Hester dies she is
burried next to Dimmesdale. Physically Hester at the
begining of the novel is a tall young woman with a figure of
perfect elegance on a larger scale. Her most impressive
feature is her dark and abundant hair so glossy that it
threw off the sunshine with a gleam. Her complexion is
rich, her eyes are dark and deep, and her regular features
giver her a beautiful face. Seven years later after all her
torture she looks much different. Her hair is now hidden
under her cap, her beauty and warmth are gone, buried under
the burden of the elaborate scarlet letter on her bosom. In
chapter 13 when she removes the cap and takes off that
letter her beauty comes back. Hester is very strong willed
as well as very lonley, those two are a horrible
combinatio n. Hesters image becomes to be known through the
“A.” ; In her whole life Pearl was her best companion.
Through all of the sufferimg Hester just became stronger and
more at peace with herself.

*Arthur Dimmesdale:
Dimmesdale is the young, pale, and phsyically delicate
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