My Report is on Volcanoes.

For a starter, I have a lay out of the plan for my
report. Also I would like to follow a volcano in it\'s path. Right now here is part of my report.

My Science Report on Volcanoes


Reason for Report

I am doing a report for my english assignment.So, far
it has been very interesting to flip through several
amaging web sities about it. Also it has been
spectcular to see pictures.


This word ( volcanology ) is a branch of geology that
is studied in science. Also it explains about
different concepts about it.

Benefits of Volcanoes

One of the main parts of a volcano is the erupting.
Here is where ash,lava and gas comes out. Also
mention about the minerals found in lava. They are

Volcanic Gas

Once the volcano erupts there is gas,ash and lava
streaming down the mountain. This is another part of
the play of volcanoes.

Types of eruptions

This part is coming later in the report.

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My bibography is coming in later.