War and Heroism Essays and Papers

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War and Heroism

Athena Verma
English III Honors
August 28,2000

On Sunday, July 8, 1741, Jonathan Edwards, a Puritan theologian and pastor at the First
Church of Northampton, MA, travels to Enfield, Connecticut and preaches Sinners in the
Hands of an Angry God. Jonathan Edwards is a American Congregational clergyman and
theologian, born in East Windsor, Connecticut Colony. When Edwards was twenty-six his
grandfather died and became the pastor at Northampton. He is a firm believer in Calvinism
and the doctrine of predestination. One thing was for sure, churchgoers did not expect the
sermon to be what it was. His strong and forceful words left the people in virtual
hysteria. This revival by Jonathan Edwards included stern demands to his followers that
they must repent and become reborn to escape God’s wrath. As Jonathan Edwards had finished
his sermon, it was clear that it had touched many people. Several times throughout the
piece he would have to stop and ask the congregation to quiet down, because there was so
much weeping and hysteria occurring. It was the content of the speech, not the deliverance
so much that caused the weeping and fainting of the people. His words were delivered in a
calm humane manner, the content however consisted of “hell and brimstone.” Throughout the
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