Randall D. Hutton

English 112
English Composition II
Dr. John Keeney
February 26,1997

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Thesis statement: Watergate could possibly be the worst scandal in
the history of the
United States.

1. Richard Nixon.

A. Family.

B. Political.

II. Latest scandals.

A. Iran Contra affair.

B. Whitewater affair.

Ill. Watergate.

A. Burglary.

B. Plumbers.

C. John F.Kennedy

IV. Investigation.

A. Reporters.

B. Special prosecutors.

C. Senate hearings.

D. Fight for tapes.

V. National Archives and Records Administration.

A. Material available for research.

B. Special Files Unit.

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VI. Outcome.

A. Sentences.

B. Constitutional.

VII. Conclusion.

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Political scandals are not strangers to the United States. They date
back as far as 1830, with the presidential sex scandal and Thomas
Jefferson, and in 1875 with the Whiskey Ring and President Ulysses S.
Grant (Time and Again 1). Today we have the Iran-Contra affair with
Ronald Reagan and Whitewater with Bill and Hillary Clinton. Even with
these, it can be argued that Watergate could possibly be the worst
scandal in the history of the United States.
Richard Milihous Nixon was the 37th President of the United States,
and the only President to ever resign his office. He was born the second
of five sons, in Yorba Linda, California. His parents were Francis
Anthony and Hannah Milhous Nixon. His career started in 1945 when he
accepted the candidacy for a seat in the 12th congressional district which
he won. He was elected to United States Congress in 1946, he then
entered into the Senate as the youngest member ever in 1951. Only a
short two years later he became the second youngest vice-president in
history at the age of thirty nine. He served two terms as vice President
under President Dwight D. Eisenhower. In 1969 he won his bid for the
Presidency(Kinsella 3).
The Iran-contra affair was more of a U.S. foreign policy affair. This
scandal came about in November of 1986 when President Ronald
Reagan admitted to the selling of arms to Iran. The overall goal was to
improve relations with Iran, but it soon came to light that it was more of a
trade of arms for hostages deal. Later it was found that some of the
profits from the sale of the arms to Iran went to the Nicaraguan "contra"
rebels. On Dec.24, 1992, President George Bush pardoned all the
people involved with the scandal and no charges were filed against
Ronald Reagan (Iran-contra 1).
The latest of all scandals is the Whitewater affair. The
Whitewater affair is an ongoing investigation into a bad Arkansas
real-estate adventure in the late 1970, and its connection with the now
defunct Arkansas savings and loan company, and with President Bill
Clinton and his wife Hillary. The Whitewater development company
started in 1979 and had the investors Bill Clinton, the Governor of
Arkansas, his wife Hillary Rodham Clinton, a attorney for the Rose law
firm, James B. McDougal the owner of the Madison Guaranty Savings
and Loan. The group purchased some land which later turned out to be a
bad venture. Sometime later the savings and loan went bankrupt at a cost
of sixty million dollars to the taxpayers. There was allegations of the
diversion of funds from Whitewater through the Madison Saving and
Loan to cover some of the campaign debts of the Clinton\'s. There were
also allegations of whether the Clinton\'s gained income-tax benefits from
the failure of Whitewater that they were not entitled to. To date no
charges have been filed against President Clinton or his wife Hillary
(Whitewater 1).
The whole Watergate scandal, brought about charges of political
bribery, burglary, extortion, wiretapping, conspiracy, obstruction of
justice, destruction of evidence, tax fraud, and illegal use of the CIA and
the FBI, campaign contributions and taxpayers money for private matters.
In all, more than 30 administration officials and other people in the Nixon
administration pleaded guilty or were found guilty of illegal acts (Time and
Again 2).
The term “Watergate" came from the Watergate Hotel in Washington
D. C. In addition to a hotel, the Watergate complex houses many
business offices, one which was the headquarters for the Democratic
National Committee. It was here that the great scandal got its very start
(Farnsworth 1). In the early morning hours of June 17, 1972 a
security guard at the Watergate Hotel called police about a robbery.
Later, five men were arrested with evidence that linked them to the
committee to re-elect the President (NARA,1).
After the Watergate scandal had been uncovered, another group of
illegal activities came to light. It