what claudio did for love


"O, what men dare do! What men may do! What men daily do, not knowing what they do!" Funny how these words come from someone like Claudio and when you try to ponder on the words and look closely on the character of Claudio, you will realize that these lines aptly describe the actions and qualities possessed by Claudio himself. Throughout the story, many instances would show how Claudio reacts hastily to situations that arise without knowing or understanding well enough what is really going on. Most of the time, he acts instantly without really knowing where his actions would lead him or if a situation is really worth his time and attention. He has this tendency to just jump to conclusions and believe everything he hears without even trying to see for himself if what he just found out is true or not. He then starts to do stupid things without him knowing the real situation, which adds trouble to what is a complicated situation already. In addition to this, Claudio can be very short-tempered and impatient when dealing with his life and love dilemmas. At first, you could see him exerting effort to win a woman\'s heart and the next thing you will know he is giving up and cursing that woman just because of some lousy rumors. If we try to look more closely on the circumstances where Claudio was entangled in, we can get a clearer picture of how he has been a perfect example of "men who dared to do things without really knowing what they were doing."
First, we recall the first time Claudio acknowledges his attraction to sweet Hero. Here, we see him as a man who has fallen deeply in love with Hero. Bene*censored* even thinks of him as a foolish man who is head-over-heels in love with this maiden. From being a valiant soldier, Claudio was instantly transformed into a helpless romantic (Bene*censored* describes it as an oyster) who was willing to do everything just to win the heart of his beloved Hero. He even asks the help of Don Pedro who offers to help him by disguising himself as Claudio and wooing Hero for him. He agrees with the plan and everything "was supposed" to go on smoothly not until misunderstandings caused by false rumors started to arise and complicate things. Moreover, the deception made by Don John even aggravated the situation and revealed the flaw in Claudio. We see him believe immediately the words of Don John without even considering his friendship with Don Pedro or his great love for Hero. He instantly accepts that his friend supposedly betrayed him and he gives up his love for Hero and leaves her to Don Pedro. Earlier, we saw a very different Claudio. He was a man ready to do everything for his beloved, even looking like a fool to his friend (Bene*censored*). Now, he lets go of Hero as if she is not that important to her and he doubts the intention of his own friend (Don Pedro) when in the first place, he gave consent to the plans. This just shows that Claudio has been doing things with uncertainty and he is unsure and even unaware of the actions he is taking. He is acting based on what he feels he should do but then he does not look deeply into things. He does not even have a good judgment of the people around him for he opted to believe Don John\'s words rather than trust his own friend, Don Pedro.
"Can the world buy such a jewel?…"
"In mine eye she is the sweetest lady that ever I looked on."
(These lines describe how Claudio sees Hero as a very fair maiden. Here, we could say that Claudio is indeed very much in love with Hero.)
"Thus answer I in name of Bene*censored*,
But hear this ill news with the ears of Claudio.
\'Tis certain so. The Prince woos for himself.
Friendship is constant in all other things
Save in the office and affairs of love;
Therefore all hearts in love use their own tongues.
Let every eye negotiate for itself
And trust no agent; for beauty is a witch
Against whose charms faith melteth into blood.
This is an accident of