When deciding on a place for my science trip, I knew the perfect place would be the Liberty Science Center, located in Jersey City, New Jersey. I went there often as a child, so I already knew that there was a great deal to learn there. What I didn?t realize was how much it had been updated since I was there last. There are so many advances going on in science and technology, it?s all so amazing. What surprised me most, is that even at age 19, I still had as much fun there as I did when I was 9.

When I got first arrived at the science center, I was so overwhelmed I didn?t know where to go first. The center has three floors, each with a different theme - Invention, Health, and Environment. It is also home to the nation?s largest IMAX movie screen. I decided to check out one floor at a time, and later try to see a show.

First I visited the Environment Floor. This was my least favorite of all the floors. The first exhibit I looked at was called ?The Estuary.? This had many different tanks filled with fish that normally dwell in the lower Hudson River. Next I visited the solar telescope. I walked inside what the Science Center calls their lighthouse, and found that they have an actual solar telescope mounted on their roof. From this telescope I saw images of the sun?s surface. The next exhibit I visited was call the Bug Zoo, unfortunately I didn?t stay there long. It was filled with tanks holding cockroaches, millipedes, and even honeybees, along with a small greenhouse. I was very uncomfortable there. I then visited The Rock Wall. Here they asked me to try to climb a wall, just like professional rock climbers do. It?s a lot harder then it looks, and I didn?t get very far. Before I left the floor I last visited a gallery called ?A Question of Truth?, which was divided into four exhibits. At first one, Point of View, I learned some beliefs and customs of different cultures. For example, although we believe that the earth revolves around the sun, some cultures believe that the sun revolves around the earth. They have actual facts to back up these beliefs, and it is easy to see that both points are valid. The next exhibit was called ?Health?. Here I played a genetics game that told me that some of my own physical characteristics are very common among people and how some of them are unique only to me. Next I visited ?One Race.? Here I learned how little of a person?s genetic makeup actually decides skin color. I found it interesting how just a little something on the inside makes such a great change on the outside. The last exhibit of the gallery was called ?Prejudices.? Here I saw a model of a slave ship and I was able to stand inside a box the same size as that of which slaves traveled in on boats. It was a very unusual experience for me.

The next floor I visited was the Health Floor. All of the exhibits were about the study of the human body. The first one I visited here was the ?Touch Tunnel.? This was a one hundred foot long, completely dark tunnel that I had to crawl through to see how well my sense of touch could guide me. Luckily, I made it out in one piece. Next I visited the ?Issues Arcade.? Here I was able to take many different quizzes on health-related topics. I learned that I should expect to live to age 88! As I was walking around I was able to catch a short presentation on the workings of a cow?s eye. Here they went through the process of dissection, and explained how a cow is able to see with its eyes. I then visited ?The Perception Alley.? By swinging my arms on the side of a mirror, I learned that my eyes can sometimes play tricks on me. The last exhibit I visited was called ?The Ambulance.? Here I saw what it?s like inside a real ambulance, and how the