windows ME

Amber glints in the eyes of a neighbor
who\'s just coming out
amber glints of shiny glass
bottles smashed on the sidewalk

Drunk juggling act.

Ceremic dolls on the lawn
& serene
in their frozen nature

Cool blades of grass
beneath & in between toes
dew begins to crystallize.

Asphalt journeys into the painted desert

Tenor saxophone blow your blues
& wail away at the sunset

Losing my head
in magenta pharohs
The Valley of Kings
is upon us
Rows & rows to infinity

A full moon in seven days

The square will spawn
downtown creatures
Deformed spasms
of mangled body parts

The stoned elderly
watch from the gazebo

Nothing like walking the downtown beat

Screaming sirens
attack old houses
w/ heart conditions

A blue man face up on the porch

I streamline the railroad tracks
running from Dutch & his killer pygmies
I become shadow
Freedom at last.