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Interpreting Tintern Abbey Interpreting “Tintern Abbey” William Wordsworth existed in a time when society and its functions were beginning to rapidly pick up. The poem that he “Composed a Few Miles Above Tintern Abbey, on Revisiting the Banks of the Wye…” gave him a chance to reflect upon his quick paced life by taking a moment to slow down and absorb the beauty of nature that allows one to “see into the life of things”. Wordsworth’s “Tintern Abbey” takes you on a series of emotional states by t
Jack Kerouac Born on March 12, 1922, the youngest of three children in a French-Canadian family that had established itself in Lowell, Massachusetts, Jack Kerouac was by the age of ten already aiming to become a writer. His father ran a print shop and published a local newsletter called the Spotlight. Before long he began writing and producing his own sport sheet, which he sold to friends and acquaintances in Lowell. He attended both Catholic and public schools, and won athletic scholarships to
James Dickey James Dickey James Dickey launched his career as a poet surprisingly late in life. His first collection, Into the Stone and Other Poems, was published when he was thirty-seven years old. Dickey’s experience in the military, academic, and advertising worlds before his emergence as a writer provided subjects and training for his art. Born on February 2, 1923 in Buckhead, Georgia, an Atlanta suburb, to lawyer Eugene Dickey and his wife Maibelle Swift Dickey, James graduated from North
Japanese courting As a young, upstart nobleman in the Heian Court keenly aware of the importance in your future career of the right connections to noblewoman from the right families, I would seek to foster favorable opinions of myself among noblewomen in the Court. There are many ways that would contribute to noblewoman from the Heian Court having favorable opinions of me. I would be very respectful and courteous of the noblewoman, as well as the ladies-in-waiting. I would go out of my way to ma
Japanese women Japanese women have made themselves an important part of society, one that allows them to have equal representation with men. Throughout Japanese history, women have had an ever-changing role in society. They have overcome hardships while soaring through the good, yet one thing has not changed; women are an integral part of society. Their opportunities have grown in areas of education, family values, and work. They are now looked upon as the roots of Japanese culture and families.
Jim Morrison Jim Morrison His image as a poet is forever overshadowed by his title as a musician and his strong legend. What singer song writer was born on December 8, 1943 in the town of Melbourne, FL? Who became known for an outrageous performing style, and a hard hitting, highly amplified sound? Who was the lead singer of the well known 60’s and 70’s rock band The Doors. James Douglas Morrison was one of the most outrageous but ingenious rock stars of his time. On December 8, 1943 in a town b
jkjk the hierophants of an unapprehended inspiration, the mirrors of the gigantic shadows which futurity casts upon the present . . . (Defence 817) In Ode to the West Wind, Shelley implores the West Wind, a powerful force of nature that Shelley identifies with his rapidly-changing reality, to lift me as a wave, a leaf, a cloud! He also expresses his almost-melancholy wish that he could be as I were in my boyhood, and could be The comrade of thy wanderings over Heaven (Ode 815) Ode to the We
John Donne Poetry By Referring Closely to at least 4 poems, examine the distinct characteristics of John Donne poetry, paying particular attention to the Relationship Between Intellect and Emotion. John Donne was born in 1572 and both of his parents were Roman Catholics and as a result religion played a very prominent part in his upbringing, and this influenced his poetry greatly. Throughout his poetry there is a strong feel of religion. He was also an educated man and this is also shows in his
John Donne1 Donne John. “The Canonization.” Twentieth Century Views: John Donne. Ed. Helen Gardner. Englewood Cliffs, N.J. Prentice - Hall, INC.,1962 Brooks finds the poem a parody of Christian sainthood taking the major themes of the poem religion and love very seriously and using them in an inevitable paradox. The person to whom Donne speaks in the beginning is a friend who epitomizes the “world which the lovers have renounced.” A world in which their love may seem most absurd, but cares littl
John Keats Escaping from everyday burdens is what all individuals attempt to do during rough periods of life. John Keats does just that in his poem, Ode To A Nightingale. The song of the nightingale makes the reader wish to escape from the dreariness of reality into another realm filled with bliss. Keats succeeds in escaping to the world of the nightingale. The world fully symbolizes a place of imagination. Keats uses great detail in figurative image to take the reader along with him on his j
Kierkegaard Søren Kierkegaard Søren Aabye Kierkegaard (b.1813, d. 1855) was a profound and prolific writer in the Danish golden age of intellectual and artistic activity. His work crosses the boundaries of philosophy, theology, psychology, literary criticism, devotional literature and fiction. Kierkegaard brought this potent mixture of discourses to bear as social critique and for the purpose of renewing Christian faith within Christendom. At the same time he made many original conceptual cont
King and me Her powerful reason would have deduced new spheres of discovery from the knowledge of the old; and her strong, imperious will would never have been daunted by opposition or difficulty; never have given way but with life. M. Heger on Emily Bronte.1 Throughout her life time, Emily Bronte was a self-imposed recluse from society, living in the confines of the hellish and quite savage moors of Yorkshire. It is in this isolation that she found the inspiration and strength of emotion to
King Arthur King Arthur The legends of King Arthur of Britain and his Knights of the Round Table, among the most popular and beloved of all time, originated in the Middle Ages. As they do today, medieval people listened to the accounts of Arthur with fascination and awe. It is certain that popular folktales were told about a hero named Arthur throughout the Celtic parts of the British Isles and France, especially in Wales, Cornwall, and Brittany (Lunt 76). Other stories of chivalry that did not
King Arthur1 King Arthur\'s Death in Literature From the very beginning of our literary heritage there have been legends of many heroes, kings and Gods. King Arthur is perhaps the best known and most enduring character of all of these legendary figures. This essay aims to explore one aspect of the legend, namely the death of King Arthur. There has been a lot of material written about the legendary King Arthur and although he has been a popular figure inliterature for over 800 years, not a lot is
King Arthur King Arthur The legends of King Arthur of Britain and his Knights of the Round Table, among the most popular and beloved of all time, originated in the Middle Ages. As they do today, medieval people listened to the accounts of Arthur with fascination and awe. It is certain that popular folktales were told about a hero named Arthur throughout the Celtic parts of the British Isles and France, especially in Wales, Cornwall, and Brittany (Lunt 76). Other stories of chivalry that did not
Kozol In Heart of Darkness it is the white invaders for instance, who are, almost without exception, embodiments of blindness, selfishness, and cruelty; and even in the cognitive domain, where such positive phrases as to enlighten, for instance, are conventionally opposed to negative ones such as to be in the dark, the traditional expectations are reversed. In Kurtz\'s painting, as we have seen, the effect of the torch light on the face was sinister (Watt 332). Ian Watt, author of Impress
Krapp in Krapps Last Tape by Samuel Beckett During the course of our lives, we tend to look back on our past. We remember the good times and the bad times. But sometimes, the past is something we don’t want to go back to. In Krapp’s Last Tape, Krapp is an old man who looks back on his life and concludes that he wouldn’t want those years back. Krapp is an old man who looks back on his life. Beckett describes him as a man with “rusty black narrow trousers, too short and a surprising pair of dirty
Langston Hughes1 Throughout the history of literature, authors have told their readers of the time periods they have lived in and also they have reflected parts of their own character. One major style that has been effectively used in this manner is poetry. The style of poetry was a greatly made use of during the Harlem Renaissance, which was when the African-American arts was at its peak. One of the most popular poets of the Harlem Renaissance is Langston Hughes. Despite the racism that preva
Langston Hughes2 Langston Hughes was one of the most original and versatile black writers of twentieth-century Langston Hughes, I never realizing the monumental literary portfolio that he produced. His accomplishments are well represented through his poetry, fiction, and drama. Born in Joplin, Missouri, to James Nathaniel and Carrie Mercer Langston Hughes, he was reared for a time by his grandmother in Lawrence, Kansas after his parents\' divorce. By his twelfth birthday he had lived in several
Langston Hughes3 Langston Hughes Langston Hughes wrote many narrative poems. He was notorious for writing poems about real life issues. His poems tend to reflect his life experiences such as unfairness to African-Americans during the 1940\'s-1960\'s. Hughes narrative poems showed the true cruelty shown to Blacks, this especially evident in his life, Mule Bone, and controversy. Langston Hughes\' life greatly affected his poetry and writing. Langston Hughes was born in Joplin, Missouri. As a youn
Langston Hughes4 Langston Hughes is a well- known poet who lived in the twentieth century. He wrote many poems mainly with jazz and black folk rhymes. He is remembered for his great poetry and his self- biographies. He is one of the most famous authors in the world. Langston Hughes was born in Joplin, Missouri. His parents are James Nathaniel (father) and Carrie Mercer (mother); his grandmother took care of him in Lawrence, Kansas after his parents divorced He began writing at a young age and ha
Langton Huges James Langston Hughes was born on February 1, 1902 in Joplin Missouri to an abolitionist family. His farther was the first black man elected to public office in 1885. Langston attended high school in Ohio, where he began to write poetry in the eighth grade. He was elected class poet. His farther did not think that Hughes could make a living writing poetry and urged him to peruse a different career. He\'s farther paid for Langston to attend Columbia University to study engineering.
Liberal Education vs Technology “Liberal Arts vs. Technology” Education is one of the most important tools that a society can possess. The right implementation of this tool is one of the greatest ways of assuring the quality of life within a society. Our society will suffer significantly, with the loss of arts and humanities in our educational system, because we will loose many valuable aspects of our society. Our society will be technology driven, which will in turn lead to no social interactio
Life of Shakespeare Life of William Shakespeare Around 1568, a group of actors visited Stratford and put on a play before the entire town, with permission from John Shakespeare, the mayor of the town. The people loved the play, especially the small children. All of them looked up to the actors, as they returned each year to perform different plays. They had dreams of one day becoming actors, but only one of these children fulfilled this dream. This child was the mayor\'s son, William Shakespeare
Lines by Wordsworth explanation LINES by DeMarco Steed William Wordsworth, a famous poet of the Romantic Period, wrote a great deal of poetry that was inspired by his lifestyle. Wordsworth writes a poem called Lines that tells about the contrasts the pinnacles of mother nature and the flaws of mandkind that mess the earth up. Wordsworth had a very fond love of nature and a relationship like no one else. The poem Lines took the Lake District, described as one of the most beutiful places on ea
Literature Review PICTURE BOOK LITERATURE REVIEW & ANNOTATED BIBLIOGRAPHY JULY 10, 2000 Bradby, Marie. More Than Anything Else. Illustrated by Chris K. Soentpiet. Scholastic, 1995. Content More Than Anything Else is based on the childhood of Booker T. Washington, as told through his eyes at nine-years-old. He tells of leaving his cabin before dawn to work all day shoveling salt with his father and older brother. “All day long we shovel it, but it refuses to grow smaller.” Despite the community p
MAKAVELI GANGSTA RAP From cool jazz to Chicago blues, gospel to R&B, reggae, and gangsta rap. For a century, African-Americans, Blacks, Negro\'s and or Niggas, or (what ever label or category is decided this millennium), have been in the vanguard of recorded music in every style imaginable. Rap\'s origins stretch far back to African oral tradition; it has a more immediate predecessor in the spoken-word expressionism of 60\'s activists like the Last Poets, or LeRoi Jones (later known as Amiri Bar
marvell vs herrick Corretta Sanders Poetry Essay Englis 1302 Instructor Mize Herrick vs. Marvell To the Virgins, to Make Much of Time by Rober Herrick and Andrew Marvells To His Coy Mistress have many similarities and differences. The tone of the speakers, the audience each poem is directed to, and the theme make up some of the literary elements that help fit this description. The tone of To the Virgins, to Make Much of Time and To His Coy Mistress are different. In Herricks poem, his
Mary Wolstonecraft Shelley Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley, was the daughter of the radical feminist, Mary Wollstonecraft, and the political philosopher, William Godwin, and the wife of the Romantic poet, Percy Bysshe Shelley. Through these familial affiliations, she was also acquainted with Lord Byron, Samuel T. Coleridge, and other literary figures such as Charles and Mary Lamb. Surrounded by such influential literary and political figures of the Romantic Age, it is not surprising that as an adole
Maxine Hong Kingston Maxine Hong Kingston (27 October 1940-) Pin-chia Feng National Chiao-Tung University, Taiwan See also the Kingston entry in DLB Yearbook: 1980. BOOKS: The Woman Warrior: Memoirs of a Girlhood Among Ghosts (New York: Knopf, 1976; London: John Lane, 1977); China Men (New York: Knopf, 1980); Hawaii One Summer: 1978 (San Francisco: Meadow Press, 1987); Through the Black Curtain (Berkeley: Friends of the Bancroft Library, University of California, 1987); Tripmaster Monkey: His Fa
Maya Angelou ngelou, Maya (1928- ), American author, poet, and entertainer, best known for her portrayals of strong African American women. Born Marguerite Johnson in St. Louis, Missouri, Angelou spent most of her childhood living with her grandmother in rural Arkansas. She moved to her mother\'s home in San Francisco after graduating with honors from Lafayette County Training School in 1940. At the age of 16 she graduated from high school, gave birth to her son Guy, and began a series of jobs,
Maya Angelou1 In 1993, when Bill Clinton decided to invite a poet to read at his first inauguration ceremony  for the first time since John F. Kennedy invited Robert Frost in 1961  he chose fellow Arkansas native Maya Angelou to write a poem celebrating the new beginning of his first presidency. The panoramic piece that Angelou composed, On the Pulse of Morning, reached millions of television viewers. Its popularity proved so great that it was published as a cassette and chapbook in 1993(And
me as a writer Through the last four years I have seen a drastic change in my reading habits. I went from a reader who read when she had to, to one that does it because she enjoys it. Through these years my reading habits have changed drastically. When I read I need to be alone, I need no one else around. I usually do most of my reading in my room with my headphones on. Many may think that reading with music on could be distracting but for me I feel that it helps me relax and concentrate more on
Me2 Throughout the my junior year of College English III, I got to learn a lot of myself. I realized what my strengths and weaknesses were. My strengths being able to comprehend more of the English language a lot better, reading faster, speaking more fluently, and writing in more in depth. My main weakness that I have noticed throughout the year would have to be my knack for procrastination. Looking back on the 3 quarters that have gone by and the fourth almost over, I am quite content with the
Me2 Throughout the my junior year of College English III, I got to learn a lot of myself. I realized what my strengths and weaknesses were. My strengths being able to comprehend more of the English language a lot better, reading faster, speaking more fluently, and writing in more in depth. My main weakness that I have noticed throughout the year would have to be my knack for procrastination. Looking back on the 3 quarters that have gone by and the fourth almost over, I am quite content with the
meow Gateway to heaven Ouch, je je I\'m telling mamma! I yelled in agony, rubbing the imprint her book left on my head. No you\'re not, she won\'t believe you; I\'m older, snickered my sister, and with that she ran up the crowded walkway; which in the morning hour, looked much like a stampede of bulls. As I walked toward school, I listened to the distinctive chatter of my fellow civilians, smelled the exhaust fume filled air and listened to the bells and whistles of another pristine day. T
michaelangelo Michelangelo was pessimistic in his poetry and an optimist in his artwork. Michelangelo’s artwork consisted of paintings and sculptures that showed humanity in it’s natural state. Michelangelo’s poetry was pessimistic in his response to Strazzi even though he was complementing him. Michelangelo’s sculpture brought out his optimism. Michelangelo was optimistic in completing The Tomb of Pope Julius II and persevered through it’s many revisions trying to complete his vision. Sculpture
Michelangelo The second of five brothers, Michelangelo was born on March 6, 1475, at Caprese, in Tuscany, to Ludovico di Leonardo di Buonarotto Simoni and Francesca Neri. The same day, his father noted down: Today March 6, 1475, a child of the male sex has been born to me and I have named him Michelangelo. He was born on Monday between 4 and 5 in the morning, at Caprese, where I am the Podestà. Although born in the small village of Caprese, Michelangelo always considered himself a son of Flor
Montezuma1 There have been many great lords and leaders in history. But Montezuma was that and more to his people. Montezuma’s real name is Mohtecuzomatzin. If the name was broken up: Moh means an expression of reverence; tecuhtli means lord; zoma means brave; and tzin signifies prince. Catus Roch is the birthplace of Montezuma. A giant celebration was held in his births honor. At the festival, priests declared that he would be a great ruler and priests of high wisdom. As he grew he would learn
morning song Morning song by Sylvia Plath is one of a greatest poet of American history, her Morning song is one of the poem she wrote when she gave birth a first child. It show the welcome child coming to life, as the her lovely child will help her eliminate a lonely life. Love set you going like a fat gold watch. The midwife slapped your footsoles, and your bald cry Took its place among the elements The new coming baby is very excited as a child cry, the sound of live and hope, she had been
Music Conformity and Cobain The Heart of a Rock Bandwagon Our society is in the midst of a complete paradox of perception. Everyone is entitled to their own system of beliefs, yet the majority of these beliefs are adulterated by the conformity to societies standards. History proves that most any attempt to stray from the norm and venture into a realm of nonconformity is soon detected, tainted, and followed in masses. Kurt Cobain was born in 1967, just twenty-two years before he inadvertently spa
Music in my life Since the establishment of life on earth, human beings have sought various ways to express themselves. One of these include the mixing of various sounds to create one that pleases them, and most importantly expresses the language of their heart. It is an articulation of one’s feelings through instrumental and vocal sounds. Music gives one a mean to express themselves in a language, that is felt by everyone and understood without having words to it. It represents one’s culture, f
My Literacy My Literacy I became literate through many different means. There are three aspects of literacy: spoken language, reading, and written language. My journey to becoming literate started from birth. My grandmother was a school teacher so I had an advantage over the average baby. Adults around me would talk to me frequently. My father was a stickler about people talking to babies in a normal voice instead of with baby talk. By having this kind of stimulation I began listening to the
mythology1 The Muses The Muses are the Greek goddesses who preside over the arts and sciences and inspire those who excel at these pursuits. Daughters of Zeus and Mnemosyne (memory), they were born in Pieria on the foot of Mount Olympus. Their nurse, Eupheme, raised them along with her son, Crotus the hunter , who was transported into the sky as Sagittarius upon his death. Their name denotes \'memory\' or \'a reminder\', since in earlier times poets having no books to read from, relied on thei
night4 The Poem Ode to A Nightingale by John Keats is a unique poem, written sometime during the 1815- 1820\'s while he was visiting at a friend\'s house.This Romantic Age poem is well known for the way it is written. The main writing style Keats uses is imagery. This style is an excellent example of poetry writing in the Romantic Age, particulary its references to Greek mythological images and the celebration of natural enviroment. In the first part of the poem Keats forms a mental picture of
old testament The Old Testament is a compilation, and like every compilation it has a wide variety of contributors who, in turn, have their individual influence upon the final work. It is no surprise, then, that there exist certain parallels between the Enuma Elish, the cosmogony of the Babylonians, and the Book of Genesis, the first part of the Pentateuch section of the Bible. In fact, arguments may be made that other Near Eastern texts, particularly Sumerian, have had their influences in Bibli
olympics INTRODUCTION Today, the Olympic Games are the world\'s largest pageant of athletic skill and competitive spirit. They are also displays of nationalism, commerce, and politics. These two opposing elements of the Olympics are not a modern invention. The conflict between the Olympic movement\'s high ideals and the commercialism or political acts which accompany the Game. Olympic Games The ancient Olympics were rather different from the modern Games. There were fewer events and only free me
On His Blindness “On His Blindness” The poem “On his Blindness”, written by John Milton is considered, aside from Paradise Lost, one of his best works. The way the poem was written did not appeal to me, as it was somewhat hard to read. Although I was not intrigued by the style of the sonnet, I greatly enjoyed the meaning and substance of the poem. It is easy to see why this poem would be placed amongst the greatest of all times, because of the way Milton expresses his thoughts on him becoming en
One Nation One People One Culture One Nation, One People, One Culture As the eighteenth century drew to a close, the new American Republic teetered between the danger of collapse and the promise of greatness. By expanding westward to occupy most of North America, the United States might develop into imperial wealth and power; if the nation could survive its first vulnerable decades. The great paradox of the new nation was that its short-term prospects appeared dire and its long-term prospects ap
Oppenheimer (b. April 22, 1904, New York City--d. Feb. 18, 1967, Princeton, N.J., U.S.), U.S. theoretical physicist and science administrator, noted as director of the Los Alamos laboratory during dEvelopment of the atomic bomb (1943-45) and as director of the Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton (1947-66). Accusations as to his loyalty and reliability as a security risk led to a government hearing that resulted in the loss of his security clearance and of his position as adviser to the highe